How To Plan A Women's Church Conference

Are you in charge of planning a conference for the women of your church congregation? Whether you've had this responsibility before or whether you are doing it for the first time, you might be feeling a bit stressed. From sending out invitations to inviting a Spanish interpreter, here are some ideas that will help you to make your women's conference a success.

The Invitations - Of course you want the conference to be well attended. Putting the word out in different ways will help you to have a full house.

  1. Think of asking one of the women in your group to take care of sending invitations in the mail. If you want the guests to invite friends to attend with them, be sure to include that in your invitation wording.
  2. Put posters in different parts of your church building. For example, besides having posters in the foyer, it won't even hurt to have a small poster on the mirror of the women's restroom. Also, be sure to put one at each entrance of the building.
  3. One or two days before the main event, send out reminder emails to all of those who received invitations. 
  4. Besides pertinent information like the time and place of your conference, remember to include RSVP contact information. You may not get a response from everybody, but at least you'll have a ballpark figure.

The Program - Visiting with other friends will be part of the fun of attending your women's conference. However, they have probably also come to be spiritually inspired.

  1. Think about inviting a guest speaker who deals with women's problems like stress, time management, and even marital challenges.
  2. Another idea is to invite certain women to be part of a panel that would answer questions from the audience. If you aren't sure whom to ask, your minister can help you to find just the right women to be on the panel.
  3. Music can be one of the most uplifting parts of your program. Think of having a choir that will sing inspiring church hymns and inviting a group that will play instruments like the piano, violin, and viola. And, don't forget to arrange for a pianist to accompany a congregational hymn.
  4. Don't forget to arrange for a Spanish interpreter since there may be Latin-American women attending your conference. There may be somebody right in your congregation that can do the translating. If not, then hire a professional that will do the job for you. You'll be surprised at how affordable that can be.

Consider having the Spanish interpreter help you to translate the wording of your invitation so that they can be sent to those who don't speak English.